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Nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial history, arrow automobile fitting enterprise scale is growing, the team is more mature. Arrow crown auto parts today, whether it is the process of industry layout, or the ascension of brand awareness and reputation, are frustrated changed. Even so, we think the arrow crown auto parts is still in the early stages of second venture. Auto parts for the appointment with our common dream, we have a long way to go, there's so much to do. Therefore, "business" is our eternal topic, we always in the way of business. If, at the beginning of entrepreneurship is more to the change of individual survival and living circumstances, so, today's arrow crown will be more clear understanding - as a member of the Chinese nation, China's dream, pulling an arrow crown, arrow crown power China dream dreams, so we must take the mission, carrying the responsibilities and obligations, can be integrated into the society, for the survival of this, based on the source of. It was also because of this, a group of like-minded people, auto parts on the way to the pursuit of national brands, even if the displaced, persistent hard work, also complaint or regret. An enterprise can not admiration of physical assets, but absolutely can not live without an enterprise a "pragmatic, diligent and efficient" work style, and "a group of people, the rest of my life, one thing". This is arrow crown people accept each corporate culture, always lead us go forward this generation of auto - to create a respectable world of national brands.