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Arrow crown auto parts is committed to be China automobile vulnerability consummables chain leading brand!


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  • 2021 - the futureCasting enterprise gen one hundred brand in one hundred

  • 2015-2020Create a business dream < p > vulnerability is committed to become China's auto consumption chain leading brand
    Research and development of the advanced business model

    In 2018,

    Committed to a arrow crown auto parts was awarded by the state ministry of commerce issued "vulnerability Chinese auto industry leaders" awards
    Arrow crown auto own-brand products "TBU brake pads" successful listing
    Arrow crown auto parts of dongguan city in 2018 was rated as the first ten "friendly enterprise"

    In 2017,

    In 2017 was named the chashan town, dongguan city, the key enterprise scale and the benefit "doubling plan" pilot enterprises. And set up a arrow crown party branch
    Arrows crown auto own-brand products "hui battery", "DE road successfully listed, lubricating oil
    The arrow crown auto parts to reach a strategic cooperation with China minsheng banking corp

    In 2016,

    2016 "arrow filter" and "wrigley brake pads" have both won the 2016 annual pageant brand auto parts/metal industry "filter national brand", "national brand" pads
    The arrow crown 2.0 online mall in 2016
    Become a building spiritual civilization demonstration enterprise of guangdong province in 2016

    In 2015,

    2015 crown auto parts manufacturing co., LTD was formally established
    2015 "crown card" filter officially listed
    2015 "wrigley filter" and "arrow pads" have both won the 2015 China automobile accessories industry brand evaluation project "filter parts, national brand", "national brand" pads
    In 2015, the company chairman and general manager Mr Zhang Guojing won the 2015 pageant brand parts, auto parts industry awards "meritorious service for"
    In 2015 opened a new business model, using "auto vulnerability consumable industry + Internet" 020 model

  • 2001-2007Create a auto parts enterprises

    Temper groping in business career

    In 2007,

    On June 8, 2007 arrow crown factory in dongguan village to new plant to expand production was set up in dongguan arrow crown auto parts manufacturing co., LTD

    In 2004,

    In 2004 for the arrow crown filter factory, enterprise registration "arrow" brand

    In 2001,

    On May 21, 2001 enterprises set up in guangzhou, with 100000 yuan loan business, only six employees and a motorcycle - small auto parts stores